Bowls Are Booming!

It’s simple. It’s a blend of wholesome fruits at its base (not unlike a smoothie) and topped with a bunch of delicious goodies. The blended base of these bowls more commonly features the superfruit that continues to grow in popularity…Acai. This berry from the Amazon rainforest gives these bowls its distinct purple color which has… Read More »

Fresh Juice And Smoothie Concept Adds Another Location To The Cleveland Area While Current Stores Get A Makeover

October 15, 2018, CLEVELAND, Oh. – As part of the community since 2003, Robeks has been blending up great tasting and healthy smoothies, juices, and bowls that have left customers thirsty for more. So much so, that Robeks has opened its newest location right in Downtown Cleveland. The newest location on Euclid avenue opened last… Read More »

FAQ and Quick Facts

How to Start a Smoothie Business: Minimum qualifications For single store: Min. $100,000 in liquid capital; $300,000 in tangible net worth For 3 Stores: Min. $250,000 in liquid capital; $700,000 in tangible net worth For Area Developer: Min. $400,000 Liquid; $1 million in tangible net worth A FICO score above 680 Knowledge of the trade… Read More »

Haven’t been to Robeks in a while?

Here’s 10 tasty reasons why you should make a special trip… If you haven’t stopped by Robeks lately, we have 10 delicious reasons why you should. Over the past year we’ve introduced new products and new ingredients that make it easier than ever for anyone to add something delicious and healthy to their day. We’ve… Read More »

Robeks Fresh juices and smoothies franchise hits 37 doors in the Golden State

Another Store in Our Own Backyard Robeks, a leader in fresh juice and smoothie franchising, continues to execute its strategy for growth by opening a new Southern California location in Encino, California. This location features a new format for the leading fresh juice and smoothie brand offering an expanded customer experience in a market with… Read More »

Robeks Fresh Juices And Smoothies Launches Online Ordering

Last week, Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies® announced the launch of our new Online Ordering program allowing customers to place orders directly from our desktop or mobile devices. The cornerstone of our program is a new mobile app that is now available to the public. After completing a smaller pilot program that was launched towards… Read More »


Experienced franchise professional joins leading fresh juices and smoothies brand Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies welcomes Robert Campos as Vice President of Franchise Sales. With nine years of experience in the franchise industry, Campos plans to grow the Robeks franchise system nationwide and provide dynamic content to potential franchisees. “My goal is to better engage… Read More »

Five popular flavors that make Robeks the best smoothie franchise

Our regular guests think these delicious, healthy drinks make us the best smoothie franchise around Our guests love the delicious, healthy smoothies that make us the best smoothie franchise in the business. Whether they’re returning for a favorite or trying something new from our varied menu, guests are always coming back for more and choosing… Read More »

Green Smoothie is Latest Hit for Robeks Smoothie Franchise

Tropi-KALE green smoothie is driving sales for Robeks franchisees Robeks Franchise The Tropi-KALE smoothie at Robeks combines kale, pineapple, papaya juice and nonfat frozen yogurt to create a nutritious meal that tastes like a Granny Smith. It debuted June 18th. One of the latest additions to the Robeks menu has become a huge hit: The… Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Wheatgrass? An Interview With Dr. Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute

Author and health advocate says benefits of wheatgrass are a boon for Robeks Smoothie franchise customers Dr. Brian Clement has been studying nutrition and the benefits of healthy foods for four decades. For more than 30 years, he has helped lead the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL, founded by wheatgrass nutrition pioneer… Read More »