Why the Hummingbird?

Robeks HummingbirdFrom the beginning, Robeks wanted a brand symbol that communicated the essence of our smoothie and juice franchise. Hummingbirds are bursting with energy and are known worldwide as pollinators of fruits. The amazing, colorful birds are tireless in their search for the best food that nature provides — just like Robeks.

Most live in tropical areas, so they also conjure up images of our popular flavors, such as acai (“ah-sigh-ee”), mango and pineapple. And hummingbirds are discerning eaters: They know which foods suit their metabolism, and they seek them out.

In many cultures hummingbirds are also a sign of good luck. Hummingbirds flap their wings as much as 100 times a second, in a figure 8 pattern, the symbol of infinity. Their feats of endurance and beauty, and their dazzling displays of energy earned them mythical status among Native Americans. The Aztecs, for one, used hummingbirds as a symbol for some of their gods.

Hummingbirds are also full of cheer. Their energy and beauty are prized to the point that gardeners will create lush landscapes just for them.

Many of our customers are a lot like our hummingbird — friendly, full of energy, and health-conscious — and we create our own lush landscape to attract them. Robeks stores are bright, friendly and full of activity. Fresh ingredients and whirring blenders whip up intensely flavorful smoothies that are both nutritious and delicious. And from start to finish, our customers know exactly what they’re putting into their body.

When Robeks opened its first store in 1996, the hummingbird was a natural fit.

We invited our legions of Facebook fans to name our hummingbird mascot — and received a wave of responses. Jennie Moore suggested “Harmony,” which Facebook voters made the top choice. Considering all the work that Robeks puts into sustainable harvesting, healthy eating and supporting our customers and communities, we think “Harmony” is a great name for our smoothie and juice franchise.