Who Are My Customers?

Health-conscious consumers flock to Robeks. More than ever, people want to eat healthier so they can feel better, have more energy and be more mentally alert. Robeks makes it easy! Our made-to-order smoothies can be enhanced with our proprietary line of nutritional boosts in order to deliver the right carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and herbs to power up metabolism and overall wellness. With this growing market, now’s a perfect time to look into Robeks smoothie and juice franchise opportunities.

While all of our customers are on the path to healthy living, they take different routes to get there. Here’s a look at our typical types of customers:

Health first: Our core customers are very health-conscious and smoothie-savvy. These are the folks who used to have to make smoothies at home, or get them at health stores, and who didn’t have a fast food option before Robeks. They care too much about their bodies to put junk into them, and tend to view food as fuel that is as important for its nutrition as it is for its taste. They are loyal Robeks customers because we give them both — top of the line nutrition and excellent, natural flavor. They visit the stores frequently, often 5-7 times a week, mostly at breakfast.

Baby Boomers: A lot of people are trying to escape years of bad eating habits, and they turn to Robeks to help them make better choices. As Baby Boomers age, bad habits are starting to catch up. Doctors have told them they need to eat better, and take better care of themselves — and they are looking for ways to be healthier without feeling like they’re being punished by a bland, boring menu. Robeks gives them exotic flavors and healthy options so they still get to enjoy food. They’re simply trading in a greasy, unhealthy meal for a fruity, delicious and wholesome one.

Dieters: Fresh fruit smoothies can be an important part of a serious weight loss plan. For many people who have busy lives, opting for a smoothie for breakfast or lunch is an easy way to control calorie intake. Robeks offers a variety of smoothies aimed at people seeking to lose weight and these customers stick with their choices for several months at time.

Coffee alternative seekers: These are customers who want a morning “pick-me-up,” but who want to avoid caffeine and its negative cardiovascular effects. Robeks smoothies can provide an energy boost, particularly with the addition of our Powerbek supplement — a natural energizer. Our stores also have a high-energy vibe thanks to bright colors, big smiles and whirring blenders — and that upbeat energy rubs off on our customers.

Athletes of all ages: Robeks takes pride in delivering the nutrition that customers need, and those needs can be very different for an athlete. We can provide extra protein and extra carbs depending on training needs and goals. We understand that the best pre-workout smoothie is not the same as the best post-workout smoothie. In one case, you want to provide muscles the energy they need to power through a workout; in the other you want to make sure muscles are getting what they need to strengthen and rebuild. We can make a smoothie to help boost metabolism, optimize workout performance, provide needed protein and/or burn fat. We understand how food fuels the body, and can help make sure that you are filling up on “premium.”

The Smoothie Generation: Smoothies started to go mainstream in the 1990s, so there is now an entire generation for which smoothies are a normal, everyday choice. These are children of the “health first” crowd that first flocked to Robeks, and were eager to share the excellent nutrition with their kids. Robeks stores near schools often become a prime gathering spot for high school students, college students and younger people — a gathering place where people make friends who will help reinforce one another’s healthy lifestyles.

The Mobile Workforce: Robeks sees salesmen, police officers, technicians, and other service workers throughout the day who stop in to get smoothies between calls. They tend to be drawn more by the excellent taste than the outstanding nutrition, but we’re happy that we get to deliver both. For many people, a smoothie can be a refreshing mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.

“Healthy but with a Sweet Tooth” Customer: Not all smoothies are just for health; sometimes our customers want a great tasting and sweet dessert alternative. We offer a range of healthy dessert options and our menu includes special sherbets and yogurts that make them both healthy and great tasting!