Robeks Serves Local Heroes

Robeks serves local heroes

When the novel Coronavirus hit the quick service restaurant scene in March 2020, changing for years to come how restaurants (as well as many other industries) do business, we at Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies understood how this would affect our franchises, and also saw how it would affect those who are vital to keeping the world going. In partnership with Dole, we quickly engaged our franchisees and operations team to blend and donate smoothies to every hospital, fire station, police station, and even grocery store locally they could find. Some of our franchisees are blending themselves and donating weekly to serve our heroes how they best know how! This is an unprecedented era, and the health of us all is dependent upon the altruism of our local healthcare workers and first responders.

“This is an unprecedented era, and the health of us all is dependent upon the altruism of our local healthcare workers and first responders.”

We are fortunate to work with an amazing group of franchisees, ready to fall in line and do their part. Our franchisees are on a mission to blend 400 smoothies each for their communities.

Robeks serves local heroes

Although life has been largely interrupted by the current social climate, Robeks maintains its steadfast commitment to serve delicious food that makes people happy, and a testament to not only our commitment, but our franchisees’ commitments is how quickly and diligently they are working to do their part!

In addition to working around the clock, off the cuff, and on the fly to support our franchisees, we’ve partnered with Dole, who has graciously helped us to aide them by contributing for every smoothie donated. As small business owners, they too have been heavily impacted financially by this pandemic.

Organizing this campaign was no easy feat, and I am bursting at the seams with pride to be a part of the Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies family. Our franchisees have shown admirable duty to their communities and have maintained positive attitudes throughout this entire experience.

Robeks serves local heroes

Ultimately, the impact of our smoothie donation campaign is having across the United States is also because of our guests – those who visit each and every Robeks to order the smoothies, fresh juices, and bowls they love. All of our stores are independently owned and operated, and in most cases, they are locally owned and operated. The guests who support local businesses in their communities are the ones we credit because the fact they choose us over anywhere else is what makes initiatives like this possible. Our franchisees continue to serve because their amazing guests make it possible!

Mitch Baker is the Vice President of Marketing for Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies. For more information about Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies, click here.

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