Juice Bar Franchise: Why Robeks Marries Smoothies to Business Plan

Robeks is a great choice for those looking for juice bar franchise opportunities

Juice bars are growing in popularity because increasingly health-conscious customers realize buying fresh-squeezed juice at a juice bar franchise is a lot easier than making it at home. Self-juicing means buying and cleaning the produce, maintaining a juicer and taking more time than most of us have. So people stop into places like Robeks for healthy, on-the-go fruit and vegetable juices fresh from the celery stalk, kale leaf or apple.

Robeks fruit Robeks fruit and vegetables are either fresh or flash frozen to preserve enzymes and nutrients.

Robeks expands juicing business

Robeks is best known as a premium smoothie franchise. But we’ve had a variety of fresh-squeezed juices and wheatgrass shots on our menu since we opened our first store, and we have responded to the growth of juicing by vastly expanding our offerings. Robeks recently added new vegetable juice drink recipes that feature combinations of carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, parsley, cucumber, beets, garlic, celery, spinach, kale, ginger and cayenne pepper. As a result, our same-store juice sales have doubled.

Robeks has been in business since 1996, and we’ve built our reputation on our commitment to natural ingredients, superior nutrition, taste and convenience. Although our focus has historically been on smoothies, our ethos made juicing a natural fit.

We think marrying juicing and smoothies makes for a more robust and durable business because it expands the pool of customers for franchise owners. Juicing customers and Robeks smoothie customers are ultimately after the same thing: a nutritious choice made fresh and tailored to both a customer’s taste buds and personal goals. Once a customer starts coming to Robeks for one, they often try out the other. Either way, we earn a devoted fan. Consider one of our customers in Atlanta, Katrina Thompson, who came to Robeks as part of a 10-day juice fast. When it was over, she decided to try our healthy smoothies, too. She’s now a regular.

Green juices and smoothies have gained popularity.

Smoothie, juice markets are growing

The juice, juice drinks, and smoothies market had sales of $19.79 billion in 2016. The category sales are expected to reach $20.77 billion in 2021. In 2016, $10.22 billion of the category sales were due to juice drinks, $8.46 billion due to 100% juice, and $1.10 billion due to smoothie sales. Nutritional drink sales are expected to reach $5.54 billion in 2021.

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