Green Smoothie is Latest Hit for Robeks Smoothie Franchise

Tropi-KALE green smoothie is driving sales for Robeks franchisees Robeks Franchise

The Tropi-KALE smoothie at Robeks combines kale, pineapple, papaya juice and nonfat frozen yogurt to create a nutritious meal that tastes like a Granny Smith. It debuted June 18th.
One of the latest additions to the Robeks menu has become a huge hit: The Tropi-KALE Paradise smoothie has given customers a delicious way to add the superfood kale to their diet.

“The Tropi-KALE Paradise smoothie has quickly become one of our most popular menu items,” says Robeks President and CEO Steve Davidson. “It’s no surprise why: It tastes fantastic, like a Granny Smith apple, while offering the nutritional benefits that have made kale a sensation among healthy diners.”

The Tropi-KALE Paradise smoothie, which we introduced as part of a summer special, achieves its amazing flavor by combining kale with papaya, pineapple and nonfat frozen yogurt. The item follows menu add-ons like smoothie bowls and additional vegetable juices, all of which have bolstered revenues for our franchisees.

The green smoothie was designed for customers who had heard of kale, thanks to celebrity advocates like Dr. Oz and Ryan Seacrest, but who might not have been ready to dive into our extensive line of fresh vegetable juices. We were looking for a way to do what we do best — combine fresh, nutritious ingredients in a recipe that encourages customers to eat healthy.

How did we do? Some online reviews:

From “Ladies and gentlemen I present to you my new favorite drink from Robeks! This is definitely going to become my usual whenever stopping by.”

From a Yelp review: “I recently tried the tropi-kale paradise and that is ALL I can think about. HOLY MOLY. You may be like what the #*$# kale!?!? in a smoothie!?! GOOD!?! YES IT IS GOOD…ACTUALLY IT’S FLIPPING AMAZING!!! I crave it all day everyday and honestly you will too! It’s kale with pineapples and papaya and when mixed it has this crisp apple flavor. It’s so FREAKING DELISH!!!!!!!”

And here’s a back-and-forth on our Facebook page:

“I hate Kale….hopefully its mixed with fruit…”
“I don’t like Kale either but I love this!!! It tastes very fruity almost like green apple.”

Robeks opened its first shop in Los Angeles in 1996 and has been innovating ever since. We have a large menu that appeals both to health fanatics and to those who are just starting to adopt healthy habits.