Five popular flavors that make Robeks the best smoothie franchise

Our regular guests think these delicious, healthy drinks make us the best smoothie franchise around

Our guests love the delicious, healthy smoothies that make us the best smoothie franchise in the business. Whether they’re returning for a favorite or trying something new from our varied menu, guests are always coming back for more and choosing Robeks over other smoothie franchises. Below are the five most popular smoothies on the menu from this year.

Robeks Smoothies

Our most popular smoothie is a delicious blend of two popular fruits. It’s sweet and delicious with no artificial flavors, and blends the two fruits in a way that retains the unique properties of each while still blending them together into a distinctive flavor. This is especially popular with new Robeks guests, who order something familiar and discover just how terrific our smoothies are.

Acai Energizer

Acai is a low-calorie superfruit with five times as many antioxidants as blueberries. This nutrient-rich smoothie blends the Brazilian berry with banana, blueberries, pineapple sherbet, soy protein and our proprietary, all-natural energy booster Powerbek. It also provides a sustainable boost of energy without the caffeine levels of coffee and tea.

800 Lb. Gorilla

This “power” smoothie is packed with muscle-building whey protein, making it the perfect accompaniment for a trip to the gym. Soy milk, chocolate and peanut butter round out the flavors in this rich, nutritious delight.


Another innovation featuring a nutritionally dense superfood, the Tropi-Kale Smoothie takes the leafy green and mixes in sweet pineapple. The results taste like a ripe Granny Smith apple. Originally a special summer offering, the smoothie proved so popular that it’s become a mainstay and a signature item on our menu.

Robeks Smoothies

The Hummingbird

Named after the energetic mascot of our smoothie and juice franchise, The Hummingbird
whips together mangos, guava juice, strawberries and orange sherbet into something as bright and wholesome as the little bird itself. Not only that, but the guava juice is said to improve digestion, and every ingredient is loaded with vitamin C.

Creative flavors and concoctions bring guests to our counters, keep them coming back multiple times each week and make Robeks a great business opportunity. We were among the first smoothie businesses to put acai berries on our menu, and throughout each year we introduce various limited-time offers that spur more business from new and returning guests. Our history of innovation is driven by our goal of being the best smoothie franchise.

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