What it Costs when Starting a Smoothie Business

As a future Robeks smoothie franchise owner it’s natural to be curious about the numbers. More specifically, how much you’ll need to launch your business. We recommend that franchisees have a net worth of at least $300,000 and $100,000 in liquid capital. But how much of that accounts for startup costs? To give a picture of the costs associated with launching your very own Robeks, we’ve outlined the top 3 expenses associated with the process:

Smoothie Business Start Up Costs
Total Estimated Costs $183,500 – $232,000
Leasehold improvements $105,000 – $134,000
Equipment $66,000 – $73,000
Initial franchise fee $12,500 – $25,000
Area development and multi-store ownership (not included in total price above) $267,500 – $394,500

Leasehold improvements

Depending on where you decide to set up shop*, your rental space will need to be built-out to meet brand standards.The same applies to new construction. For most of our franchisees, these improvement/construction costs rank highest on their budgets. Examples of leasehold improvements for existing and new construction include: paint, flooring, drywall, ceiling, etc.


Estimated cost: $ 105,000 – $134,000


Our customers rely on us to provide healthy juices and smoothies for a healthy lifestyle. We use only the finest ingredients, and believe that our equipment should meet the same standard of quality. Because of this, we invest in equipment that will see our franchisees through years of business. We also invest in equipment that allows them to offer juices and smoothies that can compete with anything else out there.

Estimated cost: $66,000 – $73,000

Initial franchise fee

Your initial franchise fee is a one-time fee you pay when you sign the franchise agreement. Think of it as your official welcome into the Robeks family. It allows us to offer services to our franchisees to cover costs like:

  • Franchise Training Program on all aspects of Robeks operating system
  • Recruiting
  • Strategic planning for key trade area
  • Site selection criteria, store design and construction support
  • Specialist equipment
  • Stationary
  • Field support for initial opening and grand opening

Estimated cost: $12,500 – $25,000

Area development and multi-store ownership.

If you have your sights set on owning more than one Robeks, the area development option is the right option for you. Naturally, because of the larger scale of this operation, your start up costs will be higher than if you had just one store.

Estimated cost: $267,500 – $394, 500

For a complete list of startup costs, get started today to see what yours will be.