How Much Money Can I Make?

The smoothie franchise industry is booming and the demand for smoothies is only going up. Performance of Robeks franchises varies according to a number of factors, particularly location and the skills and involvement of the franchisee.

Federal Trade Commission rules set stringent guidelines for what franchisors can say about financial performance, so what we can tell you is limited. Rather than disclose generic financial performance averages, we think it’s much better to put you in contact with franchisees who are free to speak about their individual experiences.

How you can build a revenue projection

We recommend serious candidates speak directly with Robeks franchisees to learn about their bottom line results, as well as the investment — both financial and time commitment — it takes to achieve their goals. By having several of these conversations, you can begin to develop a much fuller picture of the Robeks opportunity.

How to get started

To get started, fill out a form to download our Franchise Ownership Guide and start a conversation. We’ll talk to you about your goals and begin to offer a deep dive into the details of owning a Robeks. If both you and Robeks decide to move forward, as part of the mutual evaluation process we’ll provide you a list of franchisees, any of whom you are free to contact. Since you’re likely to want to know some sensitive info about their businesses, we’re also happy to provide introductions.