The smoothie industry in the U.S. generates $2 billion in annual sales according to IBISWorld, and smoothie consumption shot up 120% from 2010 to 2015 according to research firm Mintel.

Smoothie businesses have benefited from a trend toward healthier eating. Americans are increasingly waking up to the country’s obesity epidemic and are searching for solutions. One of the best solutions is for Americans to make healthier choices when they eat out. Smoothies are quick, portable, convenient and delicious — so they offer all the advantages of a fast food meal without the disadvantage of wrecking your health.

Robeks makes the most of those advantages. Our insistence on premium ingredients means that our customers are getting the most nutritious smoothie offered by anyone, anywhere. Our smoothie franchise owners and sales associates are passionate about healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition, and they can help guide customers to the best choices — whether the customer is trying to lose weight, build muscle, boost their immune system, prepare for a marathon, or just get a caffeine-free morning “wake-me-up” jolt.

While Robeks has roots in Southern California, brand awareness is growing steadily across the country. We are now in 15 states and the District of Columbia. Guests love our hummingbird logo, our trademark welcoming experience and, especially, our variety of premium-quality, natural and nutritious fruit smoothies and juices. In many parts of the country, smoothies are still a novelty — but word-of-mouth has helped build a nationwide fan base. People who have had our smoothies don’t forget them. Instead, they talk about them with their friends, and clamor for a chance to buy another one. Just check our Facebook page for proof.

Robeks draws a wide range of customers. Our core customers are very health-conscious and smoothie-savvy. These high frequency customers view our smoothies as an integral part of their healthy lifestyle. Baby boomers are another big base of customers for us. A lot of people are trying to improve their health and are trading their greasy fast food habits for smoothies, smoothie bowls and fresh-squeezed juices. They know they need to be healthier, and we let them accomplish that without feeling like they’re being punished. Our smoothies taste great, so making the switch isn’t a burden.

We are also getting more customers who are trying to kick coffee habits and caffeine addictions in favor of a nutritious alternative. Some of our supplements offer a natural boost to alertness, so customers can get their morning perk without the nervous after-effects or afternoon “crash” of caffeine. Our stores also have a high-energy vibe, as well, thanks to bright colors, big smiles and whirring blenders, and that upbeat energy rubs off on our customers. Athletes also seek us out. Our attention to nutrition and dietary supplements means that we are a valued partner as they seek to push their bodies to peak performance. Finally, Robeks has become a gathering place for younger people who we call the “Smoothie Generation.” Their parents brought them to Robeks when they were kids, and now a smoothie is just a normal part of their lifestyle.

Demand for smoothies is growing for the reasons we discussed and Robeks will continue to be a premium provider and innovator in the smoothie industry.

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