Who Makes a Good Robeks Franchisee?

Robeks franchise healthy business opportunitiesWondering if you’re the right fit for our healthy business opportunities? A successful Robeks franchisee is someone who wants to make money by helping their community be healthy.

Our top performers understand the nutritional advantages of a high-fruit diet and are able to guide customers to smoothies that will help them achieve their health goals — whether they are trying to lose weight, build muscle, gain endurance, boost the metabolism or improve their memory.

Fruit smoothies are an increasingly popular part of a healthy lifestyle and one of the easiest ways to make sure you get the nutrients your body needs. People who choose to live a healthy lifestyle want to be around, and supported by, other people making the same choices. A neighborhood Robeks fulfills this need.

Our franchise owners are evangelists about healthy eating and healthy living, and they develop community relationships with schools, health clubs and yoga studios, hospitals and doctors’ offices. There are many people in each community who are eager to help residents live better, healthier lives — and a successful Robeks franchisee is an outgoing, engaging person who connects with those people and helps them understand the many ways that Robeks can help.

Robeks franchise interior healthy business opportunities

Robeks is a successful, growing business, but in 15 years we’ve noticed that franchisees who are eager to give back to their communities are the ones that reap the greatest returns from these healthy business opportunities. Get involved in charity walks. Become a community booster.

Robeks is a caring brand. Franchisees with a zeal for healthy living stand out. Customers recognize that you’re not just selling smoothies — you’re supporting health.

Previous food or restaurant experience is helpful although not required. There is no cooking at a Robeks. Smoothies share many qualities with other food service operations so prior food experience may shorten your learning curve.

It’s also important to be able to manage small teams of younger workers, to set an upbeat tone in the store, to be a problem-solver, to understand the values of marketing and promotion, and to get along well with other franchisees.

Most of all, you have to love people! Smoothies are fun to make and fun to eat. When customers come in and stare at your menu board with confused looks, you are the passionate expert that helps them learn about healthy fruit smoothies and juices. Your guidance can turn that casual customer into someone who comes in several times a week.

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