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Read the video text here (Robeks Customer Review: Fruit Smoothie Bowls).

Robeks customers are passionate about our smoothie franchises. If there’s one complaint that we hear, it’s that people wish they could always get our smoothies, no matter where they live. Here are some of the things our customers have said on Facebook:

“Slowly forming an addiction to Robeks smoothies that is requiring a daily fix, and I plan on taking others down with me! Or should I say up?? … Actually, my movement would probably prove successful if there were more of an abundance of locations. I’m in Southern Cali, Los Angeles County/San Gabriel Valley area. Surprisingly, the further away from L.A. I go, and east toward the Inland Empire, Robeks is more and more scarce. Today, I suggested a friend get a smoothie from Robeks, and she was totally keen on the idea, but when I looked up locations, there were none showing in her area (Riverside, CA) on the website, which resulted in a sad face on her behalf. I hope Robeks plans to go viral!”

— Noelle Jefferson

Robeks fans smoothie franchises“Woke up with a smoothie on my mind…… Wish ROBEKS was 24hr. (hint hint)”

— Kimberley Jackson

“The Ašai Fit smoothie is the best smoothie I’ve ever had. Getting in my car now to go and get one. My 7yo daughter’s fav is the infinite orange.”

— Mike Palloto

“We need a Robeks in Springfield Missouri area!!! I miss it so much” — Tasha Hord

“I love Robeks!!!! My favorite smoothie is the hummingbird!!!!! Can you please get a Robeks on the ave in the university district at the UW?!?!?!? I really miss my twice daily Robeks fix!!!!!!”

— McKenna Blenz

“Robeks needs to come to Grand Rapids, Michigan! It’s a young city with lots of growth and a progressive attitude. Only problem is there’s no Robeks! All the college kids would love it.”

— Anne Hertl

Vegetable basket Robeks smoothie franchises“I used to work here. Ask for papaya juice, yogurt, raspberry, and mango, add coconut. thank me later!!”

— Justin Yang

“Visited your location off of Bloomingdale here in FL. Just wanted to say the staff there is always so friendly. I’ve been there 3 times in like the past week and the employees gave me an excellent experience…the smoothies were even better! :)”

— Caitlyn Pascua

“I’ve brought three people to Robeks this summer to see if they’d like it as much as I do…they have yet to emerge. :)”

— Adrienne Watts

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