What juices do guests love most at Robeks juicing franchise?

Guests come back to our juicing franchise over and over for these popular, flavorful and healthy blends of fruits and veggies

At Robeks, we’re proud to offer smoothies and juices that are not only nutritious but also delicious. At our smoothie and juicing franchises, juices have been growing in popularity and make up a large part of our business. They offer a dairy-free option for guests who still want all of the wonderful health benefits of our fresh fruits and vegetables.

We may be best known for our smoothies and hearty smoothie bowls at Robeks, but we’re also a top-notch juice bar franchise. These five popular flavors showcase why:

Why choose a Robeks Franchise


Our most popular juice, the Evergreen, blends super-veggie kale in with cucumber, celery and spinach, with apple and lemon adding some sweetness to the veggies without taking away from the crisp, delicious greens. Go with the Evergreen to get a huge boost of Vitamins A and C in your day!

Cool Cucumber

The cucumber in this juice cools and smooths out the sweet and spicy from the apple and lemon ginger for a low-calorie juice with a terrific blend of complementary flavors.


Two root vegetables, beets and carrots, lay an earthy base for this juice that’s lightened up with fresh, bright apples. The ABC offers the best of both worlds, with flavors from above and below the ground.


Earthy, sweet and spicy make for a terrific trio in this popular choice, made of a blend of carrots, oranges and fresh ginger root. Thanks to the ginger root, this vitamin-packed juice carries a little bite, but may also aid with digestive health.

We often put the focus on our smoothies, but our juices are a crucial and growing part of our menu. We also offer juice shots that guests can add to any order which provide an extra boost for the guest and an added revenue opportunity for our juicing franchise owners.

Juices are a great, fresh option for the health-conscious. Not only do they bring in new guests, they also encourage return visits from guests who love our smoothies and appreciate a little variety in their orders, and they help set us apart as a more diverse business opportunity than other smoothie shops.