How we’ve built an enduring healthy food franchise

Robeks helps you make a long-lasting impact in your life and your community

With a constant, ongoing demand in the market for more nutritious choices like juices and smoothies, Robeks has plenty to offer potential franchisees. Here’s why now is the right time to look further into the healthy food franchise opportunity.

An array of red apples, carrots and bananas.
Our brand’s commitment to healthy communities has helped us to thrive for more than 20 years.

Healthy eating and healthy communities

Nearly everybody wants to eat healthier, but in most cases, that’s easier said than done. With a Robeks franchise, you can help remove some of the barriers that keep people from achieving their nutritional goals. The smoothies and juices you serve are made from real fruits and veggies, which taste delicious and make the health benefits easy to understand.

The simplicity of our products also simplifies operations for our owners, giving you more flexibility and opportunities to make your healthy food franchise an integral part of your community.

“Besides the healthiness of the products, it is a fun business to own because of the interactions with customers who are looking for healthy alternatives,” says Zuny Fernandez, who co-owns a location in Doral, FL, with her wife. “We also get to support different events in the community. We’ve had events with our local fire department, police department, our local schools. Especially with the local schools, it’s great helping kids incorporate healthier eating habits and educating them about the ingredients that are within the juices or the smoothies.”

Responding to guests’ needs

A juicing machine squeezes green juice into a Robeks-branded pitcher. Something for everyone
Juice has grown from a niche product for dedicated health aficionados to a core product for us.

We’re responsive to the changing needs of our guests. Robeks has been around for well over 20 years, and the demand for healthy options has both grown and changed. We started out focused mostly on smoothies, but were quick to add fresh-squeezed juices as demand rose, and those are now just as significant to our brand as our smoothies.

We’ve also been quick to introduce other products to fit our guests’ growing understanding of their healthy living needs, such as superfoods like kale, turmeric and açaí. We don’t just jump on trends and fads that come and go, but make sure that our menu items have value to guests that will help our franchisees build a sustainable business.

Something for everyone

With so much variety on the menu, we have something for everyone, no matter what their tastes or nutritional needs. That expands your customer base. One guest might be in the mood for something sweet and refreshing while their friend wants a big nutrition boost from one of our green juices, and they can both get what they want at your smoothie and juice franchise.

“We serve all kinds of guests, from fitness-minded people who are into wheatgrass shots or juicing every day to families looking for a treat during the day,” says multi-unit franchisee and Philadelphia Regional Director Kimberly Berger. “We have something for everybody.”

Open a Robeks franchise

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