Low costs, healthy focus make Robeks a strong long-term investment

Exploring the smoothie and juice franchise investment opportunity with our experienced, healthy lifestyle-focused brand

Any new business owner should be thinking about the long term right from the beginning. With Robeks, you get a smoothie and juice franchise investment with great long-term potential, a product you can be proud of and the chance to make a long-lasting, positive impact on your community.

Three colorful smoothies in Robeks cups sit on a wooden board.
Healthy products help you make a meaningful contribution to your community.

Low costs for startup and operations

Robeks smoothie franchise startup costs are low compared to other food franchises, as are the operating costs. Because you’re blending and squeezing fresh smoothies and juices, your kitchen equipment is simple to use and inexpensive compared to a restaurant. Our focus on real fruit and veggies also means that very little food is wasted, meaning you get more bang for your buck from the ingredients you need. Low food costs, minimal food waste and low staffing requirements add up to a smoothie and juice franchise investment that makes financial sense.

A brand to be proud of

When opening a business, you’re in it for the long haul, and that means it’s important to open something you can be proud to be associated with. Robeks smoothies and juices offer a delicious and convenient alternative to fast food, helping people start and maintain healthier lifestyles. Our current franchisees love being able to contribute to their communities’ well-being.

A Robeks employee blends a purple smoothie behind the counter.
Simple operations and equipment help keep costs low for our franchisees.

People are not getting enough fruit and vegetables in their diets, and this is a way to increase that intake,” says Neptune Beach, FL, franchisee Rodger Menezes. “A healthier type of restaurant is something people want.”

Health is a lifestyle, and Robeks can be, too

With the brand’s healthy lifestyle focus, our franchises tend to attract committed guests who have made our products part of their regular diet. These guests might visit stores multiple times a week or even daily, and they recommend us for friends and family interested in how they keep so fit.

Our products are approachable, too; some people are just getting started in their fitness journeys, and smoothies can be a sweet and delicious way to ease into or restart good habits. As those guests get more confident, they can explore the menu, with smoothies, juices and bowls that can help them on the way to any of the varied goals they might have. Whether they experiment with the menu or pick a favorite to stick with, they’re bound to be a source of regular business for you.

Open a Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies franchise

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