The time is right to open a Philadelphia smoothie franchise with Robeks

Healthy eating is on the rise, creating a big opportunity for owners of a Philadelphia smoothie franchise

The home of the cheesesteak has also begun to embrace the art of healthy eating. The opportunities for owners of a Philadelphia smoothie franchise have never been brighter. Read on to find out why.

Robeks Inline Philadelphia Storefront
Philadelphia has a robust market for health food, but little competition in the smoothies and juices segment.

Healthy living is making a big market impact

Healthy living and eating has come to Philadelphia in a big way. Quick-service, healthy salad and sandwich places are sprouting up all over, but aside from Robeks, the smoothie industry’s presence is small. That’s not due to a lack of opportunity; in fact, now is the perfect time to open a Robeks franchise. Health-minded guests are always looking for new, fresh choices like Robeks.

“Every guest that comes in, because you’re serving something healthy, tends to be in a good mood,” says Kimberly Berger, owner of Robeks in Philadelphia and nearby Ardmore. Berger is also the Regional Director for the Philadelphia area, looking for more franchisees to help us build out and meet the potential in this lucrative market. “Our guests have made a conscious decision to have something healthy. People that come in there are very happy, and it’s a nice light atmosphere. We play music, we make things that smell good, and it’s a really nice working environment.”

A great business that’s great for the community

Robeks Smoothie With Store Sign
Healthy options make guests and employees alike happy to be at Robeks.

With Robeks, you have the opportunity to become an integral and valued part of the community, partnering with local organizations and other businesses to bolster your neighborhood and your healthy food franchise.

“We partner with local schools and charities, and we’ll do cross-promotions with other businesses in the area,” says Berger.

The healthy products themselves are a great boon for the community as well, and our wide-ranging menu helps franchise owners serve a broad group of people, from businesspeople looking for a quick, energizing lunch to families looking for delicious, healthy treats for their kids.

“We serve all kinds of guests, from fitness-minded people who are into wheatgrass shots or juicing every day to families looking for a treat during the day,” says Berger. “We have something for everybody.”

Simple operations and low costs make it easy to get started

Compared to other healthy food franchises, Robeks keeps it simple. There’s no complicated cooking, just blending and juicing, which simplifies preparation and cleanup and greatly limits the amount of food waste, which also leads to cost savings.

“It’s a simple operation model, you’re not cooking anything, you don’t have food spoilage,” says Berger. “You get a lot of autonomy to control and run the business the way you want to. You can be in the store and working directly with guests and still be able to have a life with your family and friends.”

Open a Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies franchise

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