Robeks juice franchise partners with local special education school

Jacksonville-area Florida juice franchise sources organic wheatgrass and other items through school’s farm program

Robeks franchisees pride themselves on being a part of the communities they serve. Rodger Menezes, a franchisee in Neptune Beach, Florida, gives back to his own community by sourcing organic wheatgrass and other ingredients through Berry Good Farms, a farm run by the North Florida School of Special Education. They deliver wheatgrass to Menezes’ juice franchise every week, and he also sources some seasonal produce, such as blueberries and ginger, through the farm.

Four Berry Good Farms students deliver fresh wheatgrass
A fresh wheatgrass delivery from Berry Good Farms.

“We appreciate it when they bring some of the students over on the deliveries and we get to interact with them. It’s always a special moment,” says Menezes. “We like supporting the local community. The school’s doing great work, and the kids are doing even better work.”

The school runs a number of small businesses that employ and teach job skills to transition students and post-graduates. These businesses, which include Berry Good Farms and a health-focused food truck, prepare them for independent living. Younger students also learn and help out at the farm. The crops they grow, including vegetables, herbs and wheatgrass, are sold to local businesses, including Menezes’ Robeks, and the money goes straight back into the program.

“When Rodger’s Robeks store opened, I heard from someone that there was a new juice bar in town, and it seemed like a win-win partnership,” says Ellen Hiser, Director of Berry Good Farms. “Rodger’s been great with supporting us. He loves when the kids come in and he gives them free samples and smoothies.”

Every one of our juice franchises is proud to serve our guests and communities through a commitment to healthier eating, and Menezes is especially proud to work with such a deep-rooted and important part of his community. Menezes is planting roots of his own in the community; in addition to the Neptune Beach location, he’s in the planning stages for two more Robeks locations in the Jacksonville area.

A greenhouse and three raised beds of organic crops
Organic crops at the North Florida School of Special Education’s Berry Good Farms.

“What a great organization and incredible bunch of students,” Menezes wrote on Instagram after the students visited on one of the deliveries. “Hands down the best wheatgrass in town!”

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