Harrah’s Resort turns to Robeks for healthy business ideas

When Harrah’s Resort Southern California needed healthy business ideas to satisfy their guests, they knew Robeks was a perfect fit

Harrah’s Resort Southern California is more than just a casino; as a full-service resort, they cater to all their guests’ needs. Their guests wanted nutritious, refreshing meals and snacks, so the team at Harrah’s looked for healthy business ideas and fell in love with Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies.

robeks franchise opening oct 2016
Participating in the official ribbon cutting were members of Robeks Leadership Team, the Harrah’s management team, and the Tribal Council of the Rincon Band of the Luiseņo Indians, the resort owners.

Good for guests and good for business

Fresh juices and smoothies appeal to just about everyone, and especially to people who want to focus on nutrition. A resort like Harrah’s needs plenty of options to satisfy their guests, so they turned to the smoothie industry to fill that wholesome niche.

“We’re a pretty diverse business. At the core of our business is our casino, but we’ve expanded into a resort-type environment, so we want to address the needs of all our guests,” says Darrell Pilant, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah’s Resort Southern California. “We felt we needed an option for health-conscious folks, and we felt that juices and smoothies would be very good for those guests and for our business.”

Harrah’s is a great fit for Robeks, as well; for our locations, we strategically target the places where we serve the greatest need, such as areas near gyms or college campuses with plenty of health-conscious smoothie fans. A resort in sunny, nutrition-minded southern California is the perfect spot for our refreshing blends to draw business.

Something delicious for every guest

In filling that need for nutrition, Robeks not only serves what guests want, but what they love. Our smoothies and juices are delicious, and our menu variety means we have something for any guest, at Harrah’s or any of our other locations.

“Robeks has a very high-quality product. It’s not overproduced, it’s not made in some factory, it’s all made right there in the store from fresh fruits and vegetables,” says Pilant. “That was important to us. We looked at some other smoothie companies, but when we tried Robeks, we really liked it. It’s also a southern California company, and we like to do business in the communities we live and operate in.”

A great partner to work with

There are plenty of healthy business ideas out there, so Robeks prides itself on going above and beyond in helping our partners.

“Robeks has been great to work with. We approached Robeks first about the partnership, and we both felt like it was a really good fit,” says Pilant. “They’re more flexible and more willing to do things a little differently than a bigger brand would be. They were able to design around the space that we had available and be really creative in how we’re bringing that product to the market here in the resort.”

We can’t succeed if our franchise owners don’t, so we work closely to ensure that each store fits the needs of its location and physical space, whether it be at Harrah’s, our recently opened Subway franchise co-location or anywhere else a franchise owner might be opening.

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