What is a Robeks smoothie franchise?

Before the 1990s, fruit smoothies were hard to come by

If you wanted a healthy smoothie, you purchased fresh fruit or vegetables and blended one in your kitchen or you visited a health food store far off the beaten path. Smoothies were the obscure food of the athletic or health-conscious.

Fast forward two decades and real fruit smoothies have become a staple of the American diet and a perfectly normal alternative to a fatty, fast food meal.

The market for fresh fruit smoothies and juices has expanded exponentially, making now a great time to start a juice business. The smoothie industry now generates $2 billion a year in sales. More people are choosing smoothies for a meal. The ranks of the health-conscious have swelled. A generation of young customers raised on smoothies now consume them as an alternative to fast food, baby boomers are taking their doctor’s advice and opting for smoothies to improve health.

Why now is a great time to start a juice business

Smoothie chains and smoothie franchises are now commonplace in many markets and smoothies have even crept onto the menus at well known fast food chains. Owning a smoothie and juice business is more than a lucrative business, it’s a smart business that helps people live better, healthier lives.


Obesity, once tolerated or swept under the rug, is often cited as one of the greatest correctible and curable drains on healthcare and is the genesis of other health-related problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Due to fast rising healthcare costs, there will be intense pressure on Americans from insurance companies and employers to lose unnecessary weight and maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle.

A smoothie is more than just a menu item or meal replacement, it’s an important part of living a healthy life and critical for anyone who is time-crunched and wants to take back control of what they put into their body.

We make it easy for health conscious consumers in need of a quick meal by making healthy, delicious smoothies and juices with premium-quality ingredients. We believe excellent taste only comes from having the best ingredients, the freshest fruits and vegetables. Taste a Robeks fruit smoothie or juice and you’ll see for yourself.

Our franchise owners are deeply passionate about the benefits of healthier eating, and what they can do to help guests maintain active and healthy lifestyles. Robeks is a gathering place for people who want to live healthier lifestyles. Our stores quickly develop a core community of regular customers who know one another and can share tips and ideas for healthy living.

Our customers “take ownership” of their local Robeks. If you look at our Facebook page, you’ll see the type of brand that we have built: People love our product, they seek us out, they sing our praises. Read the comments and you’ll see just how far our reputation precedes us.

Robeks is also defined, in part, by what we are not. We’re a juice and smoothie shop. Smoothies and juice account for more than 80% of our revenue. We are not trying to sell customers a breakfast burrito or an 800-calorie sandwich when they walk through the door. That’s not the reason that customers come to us, and that’s not who we’re trying to be.

The market for smoothies and juices is growing and we’re growing with it. We plan to add hundreds of locations throughout the United States by working with franchisees to bring Robeks to many cities that still lack a source for premium fruit smoothies and juices.

Own a Robeks Smoothie franchise

For in-depth details about the Robeks franchise opportunity, download our Franchise Ownership Guide with the link below.