Robeks menu: The ultimate smoothie and juice bar franchise

Innovation, commitment to best healthy ingredients set Robeks apart from smoothie and juice bar franchise competition

Robeks juice bar franchise healthy harvestThe Robeks menu appeals to a broad spectrum of customers looking for healthy, convenient meals or snacks that deliver just as much nutrition as they do flavor. Robeks takes an uncompromising approach to nutrition by using whole fruits and vegetables and have been allowed to ripen naturally for its smoothies and fresh-squeezed raw juices. Fruits and vegetables that are allowed to fully ripen before being picked have more nutrition and more natural sweetness, which allows us to deliver great-tasting items without adding any granulated sugar. Best of all, customers can see exactly what goes into the items we serve. They can watch as strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, cucumber, kale and other ingredients go into the juicer or blender — so they know that everything our smoothie and juice bar franchise offers is natural and not processed.

Robeks has been on the leading edge of healthy eating trends since opening in 1996. We were one of the first quick service restaurants to provide full nutritional information for everything on our menu, and we pioneered the use of the Brazilian superfruit acai, which is high in antioxidants, in smoothies.

In recent years, we have introduced smoothie bowls to the industry — thicker smoothies topped with bananas and granola that have become a popular meal replacement; we have introduced a kale smoothie, the Tropi-KALE, which not only convinced customers to give the leafy green a try — it quickly became one of our most popular menu items; we debuted smoothies made with Greek yogurt; we expanded our fresh-squeezed juice options to include many more vegetable juices and a Create Your Own Juice option; and we have revamped our menu boards to highlight the diverse healthy options available.

Products with purpose, flavors with function
We offer smoothies, fresh-squeezed juices, frozen yogurt and nutritional supplements.

Robeks wheatgrass shot juice bar franchise
Our products are aimed at different types of consumers — someone who is trying to lose weight probably doesn’t need our “800 lb. Gorilla” smoothie (with soy milk, peanut butter, bananas, chocolate, non-fat yogurt, and whey protein). At a whopping 50 grams of protein, it’s a product that is perfect for an athlete. At the same time, our low-calorie “Awesome Acai,” while delicious, might not be the best choice for someone who needs a big dose of protein in their diet — although we can always use our nutritional supplements to add more protein, vitamins and minerals.

One of the reasons our customers love us is that we can help guide them toward the choices that will be best for their bodies and fitness objectives.

Our smoothie and juice bar franchise has many ways to craft a smoothie to make it the perfect fuel for each customer — and each is blended to order.

We offer 11 different proprietary boosts created only for Robeks and designed to help meet a variety of nutritional needs – all without changing the exceptional taste and texture of our smoothies. Our boosts are designed to add vitamins and minerals, increase energy, improve the immune system, reduce cholesterol and promote healthy digestion, enhance memory, boost the cardiovascular system, optimize workout performance, speed up your metabolism or add protein to your diet.