Great service creates loyal repeat business

Guests come back over and over to Robeks, which treats them right and has the healthy favorites they crave

There’s no substitute for great service, and owning a Robeks franchise makes it easy to earn the loyalty and repeat business of your guests through outstanding in-store service and partnerships with worthy community causes. That makes us one of the strongest smoothie and juice franchise opportunities around.

Guests lined up outside a Robeks location grand opening with multi-colored balloons and a large, inflatable Robeks smoothie.
Many Robeks stores are an essential part of their communities, working with local nonprofits to help promote and improve better nutrition.

Part of your community

Great service makes you and your Robeks a healthy part of your community and contributes to better, more nutritious lifestyles. As a Robeks franchisee, you can also get involved with local charities and nonprofits in a way that boosts your business by introducing new fans to your store, while also giving you the pride and satisfaction of supporting worthy causes in your neighborhood.

For example, franchise owner Rodger Menezes of Neptune Beach, FL, sources his wheatgrass from a local special-education nonprofit. “We like supporting the local community,” he says. Other franchisees have similar partnerships with nonprofits and health-focused local businesses, which are a great way to build your business and build goodwill with guests.

Part of a healthy routine

A juicing machine in the back of a Robeks location squeezes fresh wheatgrass juice into a container.
Healthy choices like wheatgrass are part of many guests’ daily routines, bringing in nutrition-minded repeat business.

Many guests come to Robeks all the time for their favorite smoothie or juice. It’s a treat they can look forward to without feeling any guilt after, and for some guests it’s as big a part of their daily routine as a coffee run.


Lots of guests also come in when they’re looking to make a change to their routine, getting out of unhealthy habits and starting fresh. This is a great opportunity to help make a positive difference in someone’s life, recommending something from the menu that can get them started on their path. You don’t have to be a health expert to help your guests; we make it easy to understand how our varied menu can help people with nearly any nutrition goals.

Part of a great business opportunity

It’s not just good for your guests when you provide great service; it’s good for you, too. Happy, loyal guests improve the work environment, increasing job satisfaction among both employees and owners. For many of our franchisees, the best part of owning a Robeks is spending time in the store with employees and guests.

“You can be in the store and working directly with guests and still be able to have a life with your family and friends,” says Philadelphia multi-unit owner and Area Developer Kimberly Berger. “Our guests have made a conscious decision to have something healthy. People that come in are very happy, and it’s a nice light atmosphere. We play music, we make things that smell good and it’s a really nice working environment.”

Open a Robeks franchise

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