Do you have what it takes to own a Robeks franchise?

A dedication to health, hard work and your community can take you far with a Robeks smoothie and healthy juice franchise

If you’re interested in the Robeks opportunity, you might be wondering what kind of person it takes to open a smoothie and healthy juice franchise with us. There are a wide variety of people who have found success with a Robeks franchise, from corporate employees looking to open their own business, to stay-at-home parents looking to get back in the workforce on their own terms, to firefighters looking for another way to help their community. All of those people have a few vital things in common.

Exterior shot of the front of a Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies location, with outdoor seating visible.
Owning a healthy juice franchise can help you make a difference, not just in your life, but in the lives of those around you.

Someone who wants to make a healthy difference

You don’t need to be an expert nutritionist to be successful with a Robeks franchise; you just need an appreciation for the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the difference they can make as people incorporate more of them into their routines.

“People are not getting enough fruit and vegetables in their diets, and this is a way to increase that intake. It’s a trend for people to try to eat healthier, and a healthier type of restaurant is something people want,” says Neptune Beach, FL, franchisee Rodger Menezes. “I’ll definitely help customers figure out what would be best for them and give them suggestions. I’ll be able to help them by giving them what I learned.”

“I would say the thing that really makes it fun right now is being able to interact with and build relationships with my guests, and to help them with their nutrition,” says Tallahassee, FL, franchisee Aquenda Thornton. “I’m no expert in it, but when my customers look at the menu for answers, I try my best to do a lot of studying on different veggies so that I can provide them with the best information and alternatives for the concerns or health issues they may have.”

Someone who can work hard to lead and develop their team

Another thing our franchisees appreciate about the Robeks opportunity is the chance to lead and develop a talented, hardworking team. Entry-level jobs at our franchises can teach young and first-time employees valuable skills, enabling you as a franchise owner to play an important role in shaping them as managers or preparing them for their future careers.

Someone who loves their community

Healthy business owners with Robeks can also make a big impact in the community, getting involved with catering or sponsoring community events and causes they care about. For example, Menezes locally sources wheatgrass at his franchise from a farm run by a local special education school.

Students from a special education school deliver wheatgrass they helped grow to a Robeks location.
Owning a Robeks smoothie and healthy juice franchise can help you get more deeply involved with your community.

“We appreciate it when they bring some of the students over on the deliveries and we get to interact with them. It’s always a special moment,” says Menezes. “We like supporting the local community. The school’s doing great work, and the kids are doing even better work.”

Open a Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies franchise

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