Robeks store design sends a healthy message to guests

Robeks store design puts our products on display and communicates a healthy message to guests

Our products speak for themselves, but there are also a lot of other ways Robeks and our franchise owners communicate the quality of our smoothies and juices to our guests. One of the most important ways we help owners build their business is through the Robeks store design, created specifically to communicate how delicious, healthy and fresh our products are.

An employee at a Robeks franchise serves a line of guests.
Putting fruits and vegetables front and center immediately communicates to guests the nutritious value and freshness of our products.

The product matters most

The key message any franchise owner wants to get across to their guests is the quality of the product: the freshness, the delicious taste and the nutritious value of our smoothies, juices and bowls. The store design helps reinforce those qualities.

“When guests walk in, we’ve got all these designs of the food on the walls, they know they’re walking into something healthy,” says Tallahassee franchise owner Aquenda Thornton.

Even the process of making the products works to create that healthy atmosphere. “The one thing a lot of people say is the store always smells good,” adds Thornton. “I try to juice something that smells good in the morning, so that the store has that smell like an orange or lemon or ginger.”

Putting freshness front and center

There are a lot of ways we emphasize freshness in a Robeks store. Since our products come directly from whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, we’re happy to have our guests see everything that goes into making one of our beloved juices, smoothies or bowls. In fact, we encourage it.

“We put the juicing station front and center, so the guests can see their juices prepared and the fresh ingredients that go in them,” says Robeks President, CFO and franchise owner David Rawnsley. “Our guests come in knowing that we use only the best ingredients because the preparation is in front of them and the ingredients are on display.”

The counter at a Robeks location, with a sign that says,
Our look sets us apart. “Our design looks more sleek and more sophisticated than our competitors,” says Tallahassee franchise owner Aquenda Thornton.

‘Fresh’ in more ways than one

Our team focuses on innovation. “Fresh” doesn’t just mean healthy, whole fruits and vegetables; “fresh” also means exciting and new, and that includes not only our products, but also the Robeks store design. Lots of other smoothie or juice franchises look like ice cream shops, and our older designs were similar. We made a change to focus on what our products are really about, and it’s paid off for our franchise owners.

“Whereas our older stores had a more playful atmosphere to them, the atmosphere now is a little more serious and healthful,” says Rawnsley. “When you walk into a store now, the overall look and feel really denotes a sense of quality.”

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