Robeks sales growing twice as fast as the smoothie and juice industry

Our franchise grew well beyond the smoothie and juice industry as a whole, thanks to fresh ingredients and focus on guests’ nutrition needs

In 2016, Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies saw 6.8% growth in average sales compared to 2015, more than double the projected growth of the whole smoothie and juice industry. Market research firm IBISWorld projected that the industry grew 2.4% in 2016, showcasing how Robeks stands out as a franchise investment. We’re taking advantage of the great market opportunity in the industry with higher-quality, fresher products that bring guests in and keep them coming back.

A circular image of an orange smoothie, with out-of-focus limes, carrots, mango slices and turmeric on a wooden spoon below it. The text reads
Our innovative, healthy products have helped us grow well beyond the pace of the rest of the smoothie and juice industry.

These sales increases, along with accolades like our recent appearance on the 2017 Entrepreneur Franchise 500, show that franchisees can expect strong growth potential by opening a healthy business with Robeks.

Fresh ingredients, guest focus set us apart

Real ingredients are a major differentiator for Robeks. Our smoothies and juices are made fresh from whole fruits and vegetables, not sugary powders or mixes, meaning they provide more nutritious options for our guests to help them meet their fitness and health goals.

An overhead shot of a green smoothie, with out-of-focus kale, banana slices, spinach leaves and diced pineapple underneath. The text says
We make sure guests can get what they need to fit their lifestyle.

We also hear what our guests are saying and make sure they can always find what they want and need at a Robeks franchise. As the smoothie and juice industry evolves and attains mainstream popularity, guests have become more educated and knowledgeable about the health benefits of kale, turmeric, açaí and other “superfoods,” which feature heavily in our new menu update. We’re also featuring a new green bowl in addition to our popular açaí bowls, providing delicious and healthy meal replacements that can bring guests back into the stores for more meals, more often.

“With our updated menu, we’ve shuffled around our product mix and added new categories with really new and innovative products. We’re going to appeal to a broader consumer set,” says Matt Furman, Robeks Director of Marketing. “We wanted to make sure that our product mix fit exactly what consumers were coming in our stores looking for. We’re definitely showing off our innovation.”

Open a Robeks franchise

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