New menu keeps Robeks fresh for guests and franchisees

New smoothie and juice business menu includes superfoods and highlights our commitment to innovation, which helps bring in more guests

To support our franchisees in growing their smoothie and juice businesses, we like to keep our product lineup as fresh as our ingredients. We’re excited to launch a new menu at Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies, which features both new products and returning favorites. We’re aiming to help our franchisees earn a mix of business from loyal, longtime guests while also attracting new fans to our healthy lifestyle brand.

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A new menu brings new messaging to help boost traffic at our franchisees’ smoothie and juice businesses.

Staying ahead of the curve

The healthy smoothie and juice business isn’t a niche market anymore, and guests have more knowledge of the benefits of our products and the fresh ingredients we use in them. Innovation helps us stay ahead of the curve and appeal to guests dedicated to a nutritious lifestyle.

“Consumers are becoming more educated on the healthy attributes of smoothies and juices,” says Matt Furman, Director of Marketing. “We wanted to make sure that our product mix fit exactly what consumers were coming in our stores and looking for.”

Of course, we get all kinds of guests at Robeks, and we’re committed to guests who may be new to smoothies and juices and not sure what works for them. The new menu is a great mix of sophisticated and approachable, helping ensure that anyone can find what they want and pick up healthy habits that make them loyal guests at our franchises.

Giving guests what they want

The menu includes new, enticing categories like superfood smoothies and green bowls. The new products were designed to take guest and franchisee feedback into account and create new items that live up to our smoothie and juice bar franchise‘s reputation for delicious, nutritious products.

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“One of the new categories is our superfood smoothies, made with ingredients that are really wholesome and vital for overall well-being,” says Furman. “That’s been a result of really receiving and listening to feedback from our guests and our franchisees.”

Modern look and feel

It’s not just new products on the menu, but a new look and feel. That’s important to franchisees, because it helps us more clearly communicate with guests and improves guest retention by highlighting all the items they’ll want to come back to try.

“As people come into the store, obviously the menu board is the focal point. The new design and layout have a much more modern look and feel,” says Furman. “When guests walk in and see something current and contemporary, we’re hoping it’ll resonate with them.”

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