What sets Robeks apart in the smoothie business

Robeks’ unique value propositions help our smoothie business stack up well against larger competitors like Smoothie King

Robeks Fresh Juices and Smoothies isn’t the only franchise in the smoothie business, but we think we stack up favorably against competitors like Smoothie King thanks to our commitment to fresh ingredients, our ability to customize our menu for each guest’s needs and the way our products can be a part of a truly healthy routine. And with our brand, there are smoothie franchise opportunities available in prime locations, both in established and brand-new markets.

The tagline
Sometimes simple is best, such as the fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables we use in our smoothies and juices.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

At Robeks, we use fresh, whole fruits and vegetables in smoothies and juices. We don’t use pre-made “juice blends” or make our smoothies from flavored powders. That helps us give our guests what they’re really looking for in a smoothie business that markets itself as a healthy place for a meal or snack.

“We really emphasize whole, healthy ingredients. It’s not healthy to add sugar,” says Tallahassee, FL, franchisee Aquenda Thornton. “We don’t add any sugar to our products. You can have your smoothie with fruit and veggies and our juices are straight-up juice, 100% fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Guests get it the way they want

The best way to earn and keep guests is to give them what they want, and that’s exactly what you can do with a Robeks franchise. Because we use fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, we can customize their orders any way the guest likes, adjusting any of our menu items to meet each individual’s tastes or fitness needs.

A pile of oranges sit in a prep area, waiting to be turned into delicious juice.
Our healthy and whole ingredients help set us apart from competitors in the smoothie business.

That means they can get whatever they’re in the mood for, whether it’s a sweet but healthy treat, a natural pick-me-up or a protein-packed performance smoothie before a workout, tweaked to be just the way they want it.

Truly healthy for a great lifestyle

Even our sweetest treats are still a great fit for people committed to a healthy lifestyle. Having those fresh fruits and vegetables creates the best, most natural taste and ensures that our products retain the nutrients and health benefits found in their base ingredients.

That makes us a true lifestyle brand for guests, turning them into long-term fans who make Robeks a regular part of their routine. That’s a point of pride for our franchisees, knowing that they’re making a real impact on healthy living in their communities.

Open a Robeks franchise

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