Keeping business hot when the weather’s cold

With a Robeks healthy juice franchise, you can provide value to nutrition-conscious guests year-round, no matter the weather

A healthy juice franchise like Robeks is a lifestyle-oriented business, which makes it a great fit year-round for guests and franchise owners alike. Opening a Robeks location just might be a great decision for you, in the summer, winter or anytime in between.

An employee at a Robeks franchise prepares a fresh-squeezed juice behind the counter.
Nutritious and delicious fresh-squeezed juices, like the ones served at our healthy juice franchise locations, are important for health-conscious guests.

The right choice for lifestyle-focused guests

For many of our guests, particularly our regulars, Robeks juice franchise is a key part of their health and fitness routine, and that doesn’t drop off in colder months just because the temperature does. Our guests tend to stick to their plans and routines, and the food they fuel their bodies with is the most important part of that.

The winter months also bring in an influx of newly health-conscious folks. Making a lifestyle shift or changing habits can be intimidating for some people, but smoothies and juices are an easy gateway for them to start a nutritious routine. Once they see how easy and delicious it can be to add smoothies or juices into their lives, they can turn into regulars at your healthy juice franchise.

Fresh-squeezed offers great taste and health benefits

One sure way to keep guests coming in is to give them what they want. The nutrition benefits and taste of fresh-squeezed fruits and vegetables have brought a lot of fans to Robeks. The great benefits of those fresh-squeezed juices and similar offerings, like nutrient-dense wheatgrass shots, are valuable to our guests all year, and that makes them valuable to our franchisees.

A juicing machine in the back of a Robeks location, with a partially filled shot of wheatgrass juice.
Our menu is full of great choices for a healthy lifestyle, like nutrient-dense wheatgrass shots. That keeps guests coming in year-round as they make Robeks part of their routine.

Menu flexibility to fit your needs

While a location in Florida or Southern California might stay warm in the winter, we have some flexibility in our menus to fit the needs of our Northern franchisees. For example, franchisees in states with colder climates can offer delicious hot cider teas to bring guests through the doors.

Having some adaptability in our menu offerings helps you best meet the needs and wants of your guests. That allows you to find more success by building your business to fit the demands of your community.

Open a Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies franchise

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