Why Philadelphia is an Exciting Market for Robeks Smoothie Franchise

Home of the Philly cheesesteak is also home to marathons, 5Ks and a huge swell of people looking for healthy foods.

Robeks plans to open up to 37 locations in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

When Kimberly and Matthew Berger moved to Philadelphia in 2012, it was like a homecoming. Matthew’s family has deep roots in the city — they’ve had season baseball tickets since Connie Mack was managing the Athletics, and the couple caught as many Phillies games as they could while living in Fairfield, CT.

There was just one thing missing — a great smoothie store. While living in Fairfield, the Bergers had fallen in love with Robeks and its smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices.

“We used to have one close to where we lived,” Kimberly says. “In Philadelphia, there is nowhere that consistently offers the great product that Robeks does, and we knew that our desire for a quick healthy smoothie and juice store was something that would fill a need for thousands of people here.”

The demand for healthy smoothies and juices is about to be met in a big way. Kimberly and Matthew have partnered with longtime friend Michael Fornaro to bring Robeks to Philadelphia. The first store is expected to open in Center City in March, and they are scouting suburban locations with plans to quickly open a second store. That’s just the beginning. The partners eventually hope to open 37 stores in Philadelphia and surrounding counties, owning several themselves and also offering support to other franchise owners. Kimberly will serve as the managing partner for the region, which covers Philadelphia as well as Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and New Castle counties.

Robeks offers fruit and vegetable juices as well as smoothies, attracting a wider variety of customers.

The Philadelphia market is primed for a healthy food franchise.

Many of Philadelphia’s more than 4 million residents and 39 million annual tourists are already extremely health-minded. “Philadelphia is known for cheesesteaks, but people who live here know that there is a tremendous regard for healthy living,” Kimberly says.

The city is home to countless road races, yoga studios and gyms. It’s also home to more than 100,000 college students thanks to Temple, Drexel, the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova, St, Joseph’s and a host of other schools. That’s a big deal because active young adults tend to be the first customers — and earliest advocates — for Robeks. In other cities, they have helped educate their friends and families about the convenient and healthy meal and snack options Robeks offers.

Convenience is key. Americans are eager to eat better, but they still need food options that are fast and fit an on-the-go lifestyle. Robeks smoothies and juices are made-to-order from whole fruits and vegetables, ready in a minute or two, and portable. Kimberly, who has an MBA in marketing, has developed plans to reach out to the active lifestyle community, college students and office workers in order to introduce Robeks to the community and make it convenient for people, whether they are at home, at work or at an event.

Kim and Matt are recreational runner themselves and have a 7-year-old son and 3-year-old twins: one boy, one girl. They understand the importance of proper nutrition and the value of a convenient healthy option that tastes great. Kim’s favorite Robeks menu items are the Açaí Energizer, Strawnana Berry and Hummingbird smoothies.

A growing brand

Founded in Los Angeles in 1996, Robeks has grown to more than 200 locations worldwide (open or in development), and the company is at the beginning of a growth spurt. In addition to the 37 new stores planned for Philadelphia, the company also has 11 stores planned in Manhattan, and continues to expand in its existing markets. Click here for a list of locations where Robeks is actively seeking franchise partners.

If you are interested in starting a healthy franchise business that can have a big positive impact in your community, now is the time. To learn more about Robeks, visit RobeksFranchise.com where you can read Robeks franchise reviews, download an in-depth free franchise report and start a conversation. We look forward to talking to you!