What is Driving Rapid Sales Growth for the Robeks Smoothie Franchise?

Revenue for Robeks smoothie franchise has been on an upswing for 22 consecutive months.

The Robeks smoothie franchise has seen 22 consecutive months of same-store sales growth.

It’s a very good time to own a Robeks smoothie franchise. Our same-store sales have seen year-over-year increases for 22 consecutive months, juicing revenues have doubled, new menu items are bringing in new customers, and a revamped menu has lowered inventory costs — creating larger margins for franchise owners.

A premium smoothie brand with broad appeal

More importantly, Robeks has established itself as the industry’s premium smoothie and juice franchise. As Americans embrace healthy alternatives to fatty, salty processed foods, Robeks is benefitting from a reputation it has earned by using only whole fruits and vegetables, as well as other natural ingredients. Robeks doesn’t use any artificial flavors or preservatives — just the ingredients that nature provides.

Our menu also caters to people with different dietary desires and needs. On a no-gluten diet? That’s not a problem. Going paleo? There are several vegetable juices that fit your diet nicely. Vegan? We can use soy milk instead of dairy in our smoothies. The flexibility of our menu comes from 17 years of paying close attention to nutrition, which allows us to cater to everyone from people looking to lose weight to athletes working to gain muscle to people looking for a tasty way to add more fruits and vegetable to their diet.

Robeks is an innovator in the smoothie industry, introducing customers to now-popular açaí and other Brazilian superfruits, and bringing smoothie bowls to the masses. More recently, we became the first smoothie franchise to offer Greek yogurt smoothies, vastly expanded our fresh-squeezed raw vegetable juice offerings, and created new seasonal items.

Robeks recently partnered with a yoga studio and boutique to form a healthy lifestyle center in Akron, OH.
Robeks recently partnered with a yoga studio and boutique to form a healthy lifestyle center in Akron, OH.

A growing brand

Founded in Los Angeles in 1996, Robeks has grown to more than 100 locations nationwide, and the company is at the beginning of a growth spurt. We recently expanded into Manhattan and Philadelphia, with 11 stores planned in New York City and as many as 37 planned for the City of Brotherly Love. We have also expanded into Japan and Qatar. Click here for a list of locations where Robeks is actively seeking franchise partners.

If you are interested in starting a healthy franchise business that can have a big positive impact in your community, now is the time. To learn more about Robeks, visit RobeksFranchise.com, where you can read Robeks franchise reviews, download an in-depth free franchise report and start a conversation. We look forward to talking with you!